If you are visiting Dublin eating out at a restaurant in Capel street can be a better experience than Temple Bar.

Inside the building shown in my photographs is much more attractive that it appears from the outside which is typical of many buildings on Capel Street.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Mr. Dinh, my favourite local restaurant had closed without much warning.

In March 2015 when I first visited the restaurant it operated under the name “Hanoi Hanoi” [according to the original sign it was “Ha Noi Ha Noi”]and it was a Vietnamese restaurant and as such it was excellent and very popular with the Vietnamese community in Dublin. It was by far the best Asian Restaurant on the street.

I immediately made some very good friends there but unfortunately one passed away and most of the others returned to Vietnam after completing their studies here in Ireland.

Over a five year period the restaurant went through a number of name changes and eventually became Mr. Dinh which offered Hong Kong style food rather than Vietnamese. Because of the need for servers to speak Mandarin the front of house staff slowly switched from being Vietnamese to Malaysian and eventually Chinese but the kitchen staff remained Vietnamese. Up until the day they closed they served Vietnamese Coffee which I really liked. Sadly, Vietnamese Coffee will be off the menu going forward.

Today [30-11-2019] The restaurant reopened as the MIEKO KING RESTAURANT however when I visited today they were not fully operational and the menu was limited to Dim Sum [excellent] but I was promised that a new menu is being worked on and that they will specialise in Fish, Duck, Dumplings and BBQ.

I will keep you all informed.

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