My photographs fail to convey just how steep West View [Deck Of Cards] actually is.

The ‘Deck of Cards’ is a row of beautifully painted houses stacked up on a hill in overlooking Cork Harbour and the town of Cobh. St Colman’s Cathedral perched on a hill behind them.

About 50 years ago I worked for a tourist agency and one day a visitor came to the office to enquire how best to travel to “Cob H”. I spent about twenty minutes trying to find Cob H and could not understand why everyone in the office was giggling.

The town, which has had several Irish language names, was first called “Cove” (“The Cove of Cork”) in 1750. It was renamed by the British as “Queenstown” in 1849 to commemorate a visit by Queen Victoria. Cobh is a Gaelicisation of the English name Cove, and it shares the same pronunciation.

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